10 Anti Aging Madonna Inspired Health And Beauty Tips

Madonna is set to launch a new album and tour at the age of fifty. Always one to break the rules, she doesn’t look or act like one might expect a fifty-year-old woman to. Her energy level is phenomenal. She looks thirty. In fact her body is leaner and fitter than most women half her age.

How does she look so young? Can any older woman look as good as she does?

These are the antiaging tips I’ve gleaned from the write ups about Madonna.

1. Stay out of the sun as far as possible. Sunlight ages you before your time.
Use sunblock all the time if you are outdoors. Better yet, stay indoors to avoid the sun completely as much as possible.

2. Apply antiaging moisturizers on face and body before you sleep. You know how women keep hands and feet young by applying moisturizer to hands and feet before wearing gloves and socks? Do it. That works.

3. Stop using foundation and powder as they make you look older. For that matter, wear as little makeup as possible. Heavy makeup makes a woman look older.

4. If you need to hide dark circles under the eye or blemishes, use as little concealer as possible.

5. Don’t bother with the sultry kohl rimmed eyed look as that adds years to your appearance. Save the dramatic smoky eye look for young girls who want to look grown up. To highlight your eyes, instead of using black eyeliner and dark eyeshadow, use false eyelashes to make eyes bigger.

6. Go organic. Eat organic food as far as possible. If you must, grow your own organic fruit and vegetables and buy the rest from an organic food store.

7. Stay away from sauces and preservatives.

8. Exercise for 2 hours everyday. Maybe longer if you can spare the time. Wake up early if you must, in order to get the necessary exercise.

9. Take a days break from your workout routine every week. Exercise 6 days a week. Then rest.

10. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables and soya and beansprouts. Stick to a macrobiotic diet.

Acne Prevention – Great Ways To Prevent Acne

If you, or someone you know, suffer from acne then you likely already know how devastating it can be.

A simple case of acne can tear away at a person’s self confidence, leave scarring that further causes problems, and can even lead to cases of depression and more. With close to 90% of teens, and many adults, struggling with this affliction at some point in their life there is a need for real acne prevention methods. Luckily there are ways that can help you to prevent acne.

In this article we will cover simple ways to gain control over your acne.

These acne controls aren’t difficult and they won’t cost you a lot of money. For most people, the best acne prevention starts with natural products, and natural acne prevention methods. With that said, let’s get started.

Here are some great tips to aid you in learning how to prevent acne.
Prevent Acne With the Right Diet

Before we talk about skin care, acne prevention, or anything else, let’s first cover foods to prevent acne. Acne isn’t caused by what you eat. It is affected by it to a large degree though. Acne starts with a hormonal imbalance, and diet is a major part of restoring that balance. Without a healthy diet you only aggravate your hormonal imbalances, which can lead to more acne.

By ensuring your body has all of the right vitamins, you enable your body to better regulate your hormones, and in turn this works to prevent acne. With the right diet you can help to reduce blemishes. Simply learning about food to prevent acne is your first step in gaining control over your acne problems.

What Not to Eat for Acne Prevention
When it comes to acne, the term, you are what you eat, really does apply. If you eat greasy foods, that grease does come out in the skin and it only makes acne worse. There are two main groups of foods that you should avoid while trying to find acne controls that work.

1.Greasy Foods: Avoid fast foods that are cooked in vegetable oils. These types of foods, besides being generally bad for your health, work against you in acne control. Skip that burger and fries and try an apple or a carrot.

2.Sugary Foods: Eating lots of sugar changes your blood sugar level which affects your androgen levels (the hormone responsible for acne) negatively. Avoid that chocolate bar or other high sugar food. It may seem like a sacrifice, but going without sweets will actually make you feel better in the long run, as well as helping to prevent acne.

What to Eat to Prevent Acne
1.Green Vegetables: Along with having excellent vitamin content, green vegetables have high fiber content. Fiber is responsible for managing waste within the body. When your body is better able to get rid of the stuff it doesn’t need, your entire body is better able to heal from, and deal with problems. Green vegetables are the first of the foods to prevent acne.

2.Food with Vitamin A: Healthy skin is important in acne prevention. Since vitamin A is responsible for keeping your skin healthy, eating foods that are high in A content will work as an acne control. Carrots, spinach, kale, and most green vegetables contain this vitamin.

3.Protein Intake: Protein is an important part of acne control. In this case you will want to get more protein from white meats and fish, than from red meat.

Here’s one last tip to prevent acne before we continue: Don’t overeat! Besides potentially causing weight problems, over eating increases testosterone levels, and will make your acne worse!

Natural Acne Prevention
Now that you’re eating right let’s talk about natural acne prevention. Too many people run to the drug store and pick up the latest chemical treatment; the one that some company paid millions to advertise on TV to tell you that they work. The truth is that most commercial acne products do not work.
The best way to prevent acne is using natural methods. We’ve already talked about diet; let’s cover a few more ideas that can help.

Stay Fit
Exercise is an important part of keeping your body healthy, and your hormones regulated. A daily exercise regime will help to reduce future outbreaks. Be sure to wash your face after you sweat to prevent pores from getting clogged with dirt, but do exercise regularly.

Choose Skin Products Carefully
For proper acne prevention you will need high quality skin care products. Alcohol based cleanser, or abrasive scrubs can irritate your skin and further aggravate your acne. The best products for natural acne prevention include good quality soap, and a high quality (non-greasy) moisturizer. Choosing better products will help your skin to stay healthy. This is actually a very important step in acne prevention.

Find a Treatment and Stick With it
Another problem many people have is that they try hundreds of different treatments. When one doesn’t work, they switch to another the next day. There is no such thing as a quick fix for acne!

Instead of wasting your time and money with different treatment methods, choose one and stick with it. Monitor your diet, exercise regularly, and use natural acne prevention methods. Within a few weeks you will begin to see results, but it won’t happen overnight.

Avoid Constant Touching or Picking at Your Face
The last thing to mention is touching or picking at your face. Your hands are full of bacteria, and when you’re constantly touching your face that bacteria gets into your pores. This will cause more zits. Popping the zits can also cause serious scarring.

Acne may seem like a major issue, but it doesn’t have to me. If you follow our guide to acne prevention you’ll soon find those blemishes beginning to clear up. With your cleaner, fresher look you can get your confidence back and be rid your acne problems for good!

9 Stupid Acne Treatments

If you suffer from severe acne, you have been searching everywhere for a solution. In the process of looking for a remedy that will fit your problem skin, you have been misled. It is almost guaranteed that, in your searching, you have found one or more of the following 9 severe acne treatments that you should never use.

Listening to average folks used to be a great way to find out what causes acne and what treatments work for the majority of people most of the time. But, word-of-mouth has been replaced by the Internet as the fastest way of gathering opinions on just about every disease or condition there is. Unfortunately, information on the Internet can be grossly inaccurate and this is the case with treatments for pimples, zits, and other skin problems.

Because 89 percent of teens and about one quarter of all adults suffer from some form of acne worldwide, there are eager consumers of phony products and just plain misinformation. It seems that everybody has a solution or just bad advice to offer. So, how can you know whom to believe?

There are 9 commonly held myths that are passed from one person to another just like rumors that grow in the telling. It’s like when people believed the “earth is flat.” People who believed that never actually went to where the “flat earth” ended to look over the edge. They took the word of other believers. This is a ridiculous example, I know, but it is no more ridiculous than the “old wives tales” about treating severe acne.

At the same time, you can be sure there are treatments that do give great results for many acne sufferers. Some of these solutions are based on real science, some on good medicine, and even some based on nature’s organic treatments. But, before you accept advice that just might do more harm than good, please read the following 9 acne treatments that absolutely do NOT work and may, in fact, cause you serious injury.

Bogus Treatment 1. Cleaning Products From Your Kitchen.

Some foolish people claim they can mix up chemical potions from cleaning products to cure severe acne. They claim these mixtures work fine when watered down. I cannot tell you strongly enough just how dangerous, even poisonous, these brews can be. Never try such idiotic remedies!

Bogus Treatment 2. Laundry Cleaners.

In the same vein as household cleaning chemicals, laundry powders or liquids and laundry bleach are hazardous to your skin. There is no safe mixture.

Bogus Treatment 3. Wash Your Dishes, Not Your Acne.

Dishwashing cleaners may be great for squeaky clean dishes but not for squeaky clean skin. Using such soaps will do nothing positive for your skin. In fact, they likely will clog your skin pores causing more acne.

Bogus Treatment 4. Quack Home Sauna Contraptions.

You have seen the ads for all manner of gizmos for giving yourself a sauna-type treatment at home. About all you will get is damaged skin and have to pay them for the privilege.

Bogus Treatment 5. The Duct Tape Solution.

There are actually people who claim you can stick tape to your face, leave it on overnight, then peel it off in the morning and, presto, most of your acne is magically gone. I am afraid that, what will be gone is a layer of your good skin along with a few dead skin cells, leaving your skin irritated for days.

Bogus Treatment 6. The Tanning Salon.

There is ample science that should convince you to stay out of the sun without sun screen and, for that matter, convince you to also stay away from tanning beds. This idea that the sun or artificial tanning can somehow cure acne is beyond common sense.

The sun, whether real or artificial, can be especially dangerous if you are taking certain prescription medication. Many drug labels state clearly that exposure to sunlight can cause adverse reactions and going to a tanning salon does not void those warnings.

Bogus Treatment 7. Using topical acne cream or lotions.

It is time to read the label before you slop any cream or lotion on your face for the treatment of acne. Many over-the-counter products contain coal tar or other unkind ingredients that may cause even more acne by clogging skin pores. Acne bacteria breeds beautifully in clogged pores.

Bogus Treatment 8. Mega Vitamins and Minerals.

It is a good idea to take vitamin and mineral supplements as part of a well-balanced diet but some misinformed individuals (I am being kind) advocate taking high mega doses of vitamins A or B to cure acne. This is plain and simple “junk science.” It is not backed up with any valid studies. Taking high doses of any supplement puts you at risk for some unpleasant side effects.

Bogus Treatment 9. Popping the pimples.

While popping pimples and zits feels good at the time, like you are accomplishing something positive, you are actually putting yourself at even greater risk of spreading the acne. That substance you squeeze out is bound to be spread to surrounding healthy skin. That substance is loaded with bacteria and oil, both of which just add to the spread of acne.